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Optimizing Website and Service Offerings for an IT Management Company

Case Study

Project Overview

Through the efforts below, TruNorth successfully boosted the client’s digital footprint, leading to a substantial increase in clicks and generating qualified leads.

  1. Website Redevelopment and Optimization:
    • Revamped the company’s website for improved performance and user experience.
    • Enhanced technical SEO to boost organic search rankings.
  2. Strategic Content Creation:
    • Developed high-quality, relevant content to attract and engage the target audience.
    • We implemented a content strategy to support SEO efforts and establish thought leadership.
  3. Targeted Advertising Campaigns:
    • Launched and managed targeted Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic and conversions.
    • Monitored and optimized ad performance for maximum ROI.
  4. Sales Pipeline Refinement:
    • Refocused the sales process to align with the newly defined lead qualification criteria.
    • Educated the sales team on identifying and nurturing high-quality leads.

Key Metrics


Leads generated


Increase in clicks


Our primary objective was to fortify the client’s digital presence and augment their lead-generation capabilities. At TruNorth, we successfully achieved this through a comprehensive approach that encompassed website redevelopment and optimization, strategic content creation, and targeted advertising campaigns. These marketing enhancements, coupled with our efforts to refocus their sales pipeline and educate them on identifying quality leads within their network, led to a remarkable transformation in their business.


Caring after the conversion

“Marketing Agencies” would get you the conversion and consider their job done. TruNorth expertly redefined the client’s lead qualification process, ensuring perfect alignment with their business objectives and seamless integration with their sales workflow and CRM systems. Utilizing advanced analytics, TruNorth empowered the client to prioritize leads with precision, allowing them to concentrate their resources on high-potential opportunities and significantly maximize their conversion rates.

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Strategic SEO and Google Ads Success

Maximizing Online Visibility and Credibility

TruNorth executed tailored Google Ads campaigns and persistent SEO optimization techniques, dramatically increasing the client’s online visibility and driving relevant traffic to their website. By By aligning content with key industry trends, TruNorth positioned its clients as thought leaders, boosting their credibility and attracting high-quality leads. Our strategic enhancements included refining meta descriptions and tags, optimizing on-page content, and improving indexing and schema markup. These efforts ensured the client’s website ranked higher in search engine results and stood out with compelling, informative snippets.


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“TruNorth Advisors isn’t a vendor, they’re a true extension of our team. Their partnership helped us refine our online presence, sales process, and lead generation – a true all-in-one success story.”

- National MSSP


Increase in impressions


Increase in click-through rate


Higher average search appearance


Of conversions became SQLs

Raising the Bar with Business-First Approach

At TruNorth, we set a new industry standard emphasizing business-first demand generation solutions that combines our years of business experience, willingness to share knowledge,  and transparency. IN the case of this particular situation, we quickly identified inefficiencies in their sales process and collaborated closely to establish a new sales workflow within their existing CRM. Through partnership and continuous education efforts, we trained their sales team to identify high-quality leads, propelling their business to the next level.

We don’t play guessing games—our solutions are driven by real-time data and analytics. For this client, we became their trusted virtual CMO and source for SEO, website updates, and content creation. Beyond providing marketing solutions, our dedication to understanding their business enabled the client to distinguish themselves from competitors and achieve outstanding results.